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November 6, 2018

Casey Culp

By Casey Culp

We’re inviting you behind the scenes at Fresh, getting face-to-face with virtual reality systems, the latest in eye-tracking technologies, autonomous robotics, and artificial intelligence!

eye tracking

You’ll learn about the future of digital innovation in our mini-workshops, enjoy hors-d’oeuvre and desserts, listen to keynote speakers CEO Jeff Dance and Director of Strategic Innovation Johnny Rodriguez discuss the past, present, and future of robotics, automation, and the confluence of humans, systems, and machines.

eye tracking


Attend mini-workshops on the future of:

Keynote Speakers

Founder & CEO of Fresh Consulting, Jeff Dance: Reflecting on the recent past, acknowledging the present, and primarily speaking about the confluence of human systems and machines in the future.
Director of Strategic Innovation, Johnny Rodriguez: As robots begin to be integrated into more workplaces in the future, companies must revisit how to delegate tasks to the right individuals, whether robot or human, because each of these groups excels in different areas.

Innovation Awards

Help us celebrate our clients’ achievements as we present awards for:

  • Most Innovative Mobile App
  • Most Innovative Thinker
  • Most Innovative Experience
  • and more!

Meet the Fresh Team

Meet Fresh engineers, designers, developers, and strategists as we demonstrate the newest technology during workshops.

Music by the Fresh Band

We’re fortunate to have talented keyboardists, drummers, singers, guitar players, and other musicians on our team! Our band has performed for internal events like our holiday party (catch the beatboxing here). This is the first time we’ve performed live for our clients, community members, and guests!

Fresh Consulting band

Raffle Prizes

Enter to win technology to create your own new experiences! You could win:

  • VR Head Set
  • DJI Drone
  • Amazon Echo

RSVP for our November 8 Innovation Workshop and we’ll get you up close with the future of innovation.

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Casey Culp

Casey Culp

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