The Story

From UI/UX research through the delivery of the hardback brand book and website mockups, this project speaks to the power of collaboration and the reality of process. The final UI/UX research deliverables contained over 100 pages of research and recommendations, from logo to colors to homepage to everything in the middle. The logo design process saw nearly 50 logos sketched up, 24 logos worth noticing, and a myriad of revisions throughout the selection of the final logo. The entire homepage as well as the logo was skinned in multiple colors in order to get a complete sense of the vibe before a final color palette was chosen. In the end, the complete package ThriftBooks took home represented the intense collaboration of several designers as well as the input of many other designers and non-designers.

Before After

The new logo and brand is centered around combining modern and warmth. The sans-serif typeface and teal and white represent modern elements while the tilted and slightly imperfect lines of the icon, the more casual font, and the yellow and orange and brown colors supply the warmth element.  The video we created below helps to tell their compelling story utilizing their new brand elements.




Of Users Selected

the new ThriftBooks design over direct competitor site

Mobile Sales Increase

three months after new site launch

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