Fresh's experimental product that focuses on the future of human-computer interaction.
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Industrial Design

Core Technologies:

Re-Envisioning the Future of Human-Computer Interaction

A frictionless user interface that uses a combination of voice, gestures, and face recognition to offer a personalized synthesis of data for in-between states of work and life.

Privacy by design

With being “seen” by technology comes the responsibility of protecting user data and privacy. Telemus was always envisioned with privacy and security in mind. An integrated camera cover is used to physically block the camera lens, but intelligently awaits a user’s consent – voice activation- to expose the camera and identify the user.

This intentional privacy by design prevents any nonconsensual collecting of data or photos.

The future state of Telemus

Telemus is constantly evolving. More features and functionality will be added as user feedback and testing is performed by the Fresh team.

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