NEC – Biometric Access Display

Facial Recognition at Guest Entry


Using Facial Recognition at a guest Entrance is about creating a frictionless user experience. By reducing what you need to bring to check in you also reduce the amount of time spent in line. Having Facial Recognition capabilities also creates the opportunity for a more personalized experience.

Packed with Features


This device’s features are all rooted in exemplary user experiences. The UI and software create a simple and intuitive experience that any guest can follow. The physical design and engineering of the device are built to withstand extreme environments while still being able to be serviced and operated simply by the Team Members.

Multiple Cameras

There is a Visible Light Camera as well as an Infrared Camera.
These two cameras can work together to capture a photo in
any lighting situation.


Durable Glass

The glass is thick and built for durability. The glass also has a
micro-finish etching on it to reduce glare, to improve the
readability of the display.


Light Ring

The RGB light ring is magnetically attached and hides the
screws for disassembly.  The light ring is designed with
matching contacts at 180 degree rotation so that it can be
installed either way and still maintain functionality.

                 Weather Proof

                    This rubber ring serves as a gasket between the
                    housing and the internals.


                 Soft Bumper

                    The rubber bumper is at the widest point of the
                    housing reducing the force on impact of bumping.


                 Ease of Assembly

                     All parts are installed and removed through the
                     front opening of the enclosure.



Removable Back Panel

Removing the captive screws on the back panel opens
up the enclosure. Behind the panel is a removable bracket
that secures the housing to the pole.


Cord Access

Once the interior is accessible the cords that are routed
through the pole and into the enclosure can be disconnected.


Removable Housing

Now that the bracket is unscrewed from the pole and
the cables are disconnected, the housing is free and
can be slid off of the pole to be serviced or replaced.

                 Rear Light

                    This light corresponds with the front light ring that notifies
                    a team member that a guest needs servicing. It is located
                    in a recessed area for protection from damage.


                 Considered Form

                     With many people passing the device each day there is a
                     chance that the device will be bumped. The light is located
                     in a recessed area for protection from damage.



                    A team member is standing behind the device helping
                    guests enter. By creating a light at eye level
                    the team member can keep their attention on the guest
                    while monitoring the light with their peripheral vision.

Product Development Process


The design and engineering of this device was a large collaborative team effort that spanned hardware and software solutions. This device requires a flawless user interface and software that is housed in a weatherproof durable enclosure built ergonomically for both guests and team members. This success of this device was predicated on the research and development of the product.

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