Navia Benefits


Core Technologies:

Mobile App Design

Navia Benefit Solutions asked us to do a complete design overhaul of their existing native mobile application. The goal was to build a scalable, easy-to-manage application that offered a better experience to their end-users.


Compared to their current web application, Navia’s existing mobile application had very limited functionality. Their aim was to provide all of the core features and functionality offered in their web app on a mobile platform, with the ability to seamlessly sync customer data between the two platforms. These core features included the ability to manage and submit claims, view benefit details, add/edit direct deposit, and manage user health debit card transactions.


Fresh expanded on Navia’s existing brand identity and translated it into a new and optimized user interface for the mobile experience.

Before After


Fresh restructured the application’s information architecture to be more intuitive and accessible. Leveraging knowledge of user experience best practices, Fresh’s designers completed multiple rounds of wireframes, validating all design iterations with comprehensive user testing.

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