Microsoft Microsite

Microsoft was looking to create an easy to use library of all hands discussions led by Qi Lu


Jake Lunde
Patrick Yaguchi

Core Technologies:

Weekly All Hands Call Microsite

Microsoft had no easy way to search, discover, and review a wealth of knowledge from Qi Lu’s weekly all hands call content. Fresh Consulting built a microsite that organized the content intuitively, enabled searching video, and allowing for discovery by topics, products, dates, and speakers.

Tapping into Azure's Amazing New Features

When we were confronted with the challenge of indexing and searching video content that could only be seen by the Applications Services Group, we found all the technical capabilities and answers within the very amazing platform Microsoft built themselves: Azure. With Azure’s extra services, we were able to build automatic transcription, the ability to search video content, the ability to automatically index the video content to make tagging the content with products, speakers, and call topics easy. We also host the content on the platform and restricted access to only the Applications Services Group utilizing Azure.

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