Graffiti in VR


Core Technologies:

Amazing Street Art

This immersive “Graffiti in VR” simulator allows users to create amazing street art in meticulously-designed environments with authentic spraying, colors, drips, and metallics. A perfect balance of realistic spraying actions and ultra-detailed locations lets users unleash their creativity and personal style.

Simple User Interface

Every UI element has been created in a way that’s both intuitive and realistic to get users painting as quickly as they would in the real world. The spray painting UI has a range of completely customizable colors, realistic pressure and fading, wet/dry effects, drips, and undo/redo — all with haptics that produce a realistic look and feel.

Level Design

“Graffiti in VR” offers a range of incredibly detailed and living environments, from underground rustic chambers, open fields, a train station, to an abandoned subway station entrance! Every element and effect has been meticulously designed with realistic physics, lighting, directional sound, and low judder to reduce motion sickness.

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