GeekWire 200


Elisha Terada

Core Technologies:


Geekwire was looking to build four new applications that would expand their value-add to the startup community, optimize website performance, and market unique events in an efficient manner.


Fresh designed and built the four new applications, unified them with a new header bar, optimized code for performance, and did large content migrations to bring the new content inside the Geekwire ecosystem.


New Unified Applications

Geekwire is earning new revenue from the applications and is experiencing less performance issues, which is crucial since they hit over 1 million visitors per month! Because of this, Geekwire asked Fresh to be a gold partner.

Have a project?

Yes, I'm interested in discussing a website design & dev website design & dev UI/UX design mobile app design & dev web app design & dev video production Hardware Development Test Automation Autonomous Robotics completely new project for . My name is and you can email me at .

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