Fresh Simple Test Systems

Fresh’s simple test system is a modular platform to rapidly build test equipment for most products. The base system includes a touch screen interface and industrial PC to control the data acquisition, power system, and pneumatic actuators of any tester.

Technologies Demonstrated

  • End of Line Functional Test
  • Board Level Testing with Custom Bed of Nails
  • Conducted and Radiated RF Testing
  • Wireless Communication Testing
  • Motor Characterization and Tuning
  • Power Supply and Battery Testing
  • Wireless Charging Test
  • Firmware Programming and Serialization
  • LED and Button UI Test
  • LCD and OLED Display Testing


The modular mechanical system provides a breadboard to quickly attach custom or off-the-shelf fixtures. By leveraging this base design, we are able to focus design and fabrication efforts on solving the challenging test problems and delivering high-quality custom solutions.


Our LabVIEW test framework allows us to create robust test systems with simple, user-friendly interfaces. Our testers are designed around a human readable test scripting system. The combination of modular hardware and the scriptable test protocols allow our test systems to grow with our clients’ products. Fresh also develops testers based on Python, C and C#.

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