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Invented to Uniquely Measure Time in the Air

The HangTimer was invented by our Chief Science Officer Jeff Alexander to measure time in the air for snow sports enthusiasts.  It uses a tri-axis accelerometer to sense when wearers leave the ground, measuring the time until gravity pulls you back down to reality.  As shown below, what goes up must come down, and knowing how big you go up can now be measured for bragging rights.

From Idea to Reality

HangTimer displays the best hang time, total accumulated hang time, and average hang time.   It records your 10 intervals of total air time. It also displays current time, date and temperature.  With a rugged design, a carabiner clip, and night light, it was built for extreme sports enthusiasts that love to hang.

From idea to reality, HangTimer is an example of a hardware product quickly born into the snow sports marketplace, later getting reviews from the likes of the NY Times for its unique capabilities.


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