Defeat B.O.C.O.

The Journey of UX Design

Defeat B.O.C.O. was born from our desire to explain the UX design process in an engaging, narrative format. We also aspired to show our partners the capabilities of the modern web. Through four separate worlds, each representing a different phase of design, we created a journey wherein users are positioned as the hero, provided with knowledge and skills to overcome conflicting opinions and reach consensus.

A Voyage Into the Unknown

Throughout Defeat B.O.C.O.’s four worlds, users encounter mentors, the fictional equivalent of consultants. The UX researcher arms users with knowledge about requirement gathering and product analysis. UX and visual designers impart knowledge on how to give ideas form, and developers and engineers provide insight into making functional products. These mentor encounters illustrate the value of holistic consultation, something we prioritize in our end-to-end services.

Process Matters

In creating Defeat B.O.C.O., we abided by the same advice we impart to clients and partners: stick to the process. The project began with research and analysis, eventually progressing to creative ideation and design. Developers were pulled in to bring the story to life in an engaging, interactive way. The finished product stands as a testament to the value of a consistent, comprehensive process.

The Depths of Design

As users progress through the site, they eventually dive into the chasm of self-doubt, which often arises at the end of the design process. Our recommendation, communicated by the experience of the story’s characters, is that embarking upon the UX design journey is the best way to decrease risk and alleviate doubt.

A Flying Finale

The journey ends with product owners soaring at a high-level, appreciating their work while still considering questions around scalability, product evolution, and market adaptation. Defeat B.O.C.O. has an ending, but UX design really never ends: it’s a circular process, and successful products are continuously iterated upon and improved using the same methods.

An Award-Winning Process

Our internal design process led to the creation of Defeat B.O.C.O., a meta-story about how the process works. We were honored to accept recognition for the project from awwwards, CSSDesignAwards, and FWA. We’re confident that by providing the same services to our clients, they too can create award-winning products.

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