Autonomous Compact Track Loader

What if you could help automate installation on construction sites, helping humans and machines work in tandem efficiently and safely?


Core Technologies:

Improving Installation Efficiency

Since our previous success with the Autonomous Forklift, our client approached us about making an autonomous Compact Track Loader vehicle. They were looking to improve process efficiency on construction sites. A lot of time was being spent with installation crews waiting for heavy parts and material to be delivered to them in the field so they could continue operations. Our challenge involved safely operating a 6-ton vehicle very close to field crews while driving down narrow alleys between expensive parts, requiring high accuracy positioning and various considerations for safety. Our end goal was to not only improve overall efficiency, but also improve the overall safety for each crew-member in the field.


Customer Orders

The successful prototype led to an order of 25 vehicles that could work together

Centimeters Accuracy

Met safety target of 2.5CM of Accuracy while working collaboratively with workers


Prototype success led to building an industrial automation platform

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