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Plum Energy – branding and website

April 14, 2014

Nathan Dean

By Nathan Dean


Plum Energy specializes in the small-scale LNG (liquid natural gas) value chain across the entire spectrum, helping customers to design, develop, build, install, commission, operate and maintain a small-scale production facility.  Liquid natural gas takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state. To communicate this we focused on a visual concept of compression; a reduction in size. Geometric elements and patterns are used in branding collateral to convey the scientific nature of the industry and represent Plum as a strong company.


Website  |  Logo and icon design  |  Business cards  |  Greeting cards and envelopes  |  Letterhead and business sized envelopes  |  Branded PowerPoint template



Icon_0001_Icon Developement



Biz-cards-Mockcards compared

Complete stationary -v1


plum-website-responsive-showcase1 ipads

Nathan Dean

Nathan Dean

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