Top 12 PHP Development Tools and Tips

June 3, 2016

Most developers have their go-to PHP development tools, libraries, and best practices to streamline workflows and create clean, lean code. So, we asked our developers to let us in on their favorites. Here are their top tools, tips, and tricks to help you create great apps.

1. Use PHPUnit for unit testing to catch bugs.

Elisha, Front-End Developer


2. Utilize the PHPStorm text editor optimized for programming in PHP.

Jesse, Front-End Developer


3. Avoid long running scripts that will be terminated by the server. Don’t increase server max limitation as a solution. And don’t suppress warnings.

Steve, CTO

PHP Ini Setting

4. Use Composer to better manage app dependencies.

Ryan, Full-Stack Developer

Compoer Install

5. Be aware of server-side PHP logic when used in a web server that caches the output as HTML.

Elisha, Front-End Developer

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.32.58 PM

6. Interface with SQL databases easily using the phpMyAdmin graphic interface.

Nuriel, UI/UX Designer


7. Bookmark this handy chart that shows the difference between == and ===. Keep in mind the equations are not commutative:

"php" == 0 -> True
0 == null -> True
"php" == null -> FALSE WHAT?!

Steven, Front-End/Full-Stack Developer

PHP Type Comparison Chart

8. Watch SQL injections…use PDO or like libraries and sanitize user input/output to prevent malicious code from running.

Ryan, Full-Stack Developer & Elisha, Front-End Developer


9. PHP security tip: obfuscate code for encryption with ionCube library for files.

Nuriel, UI/UX Designer

ionCube PHP encryption

10. Use PHP cors proxy library for API server.

Elisha, Front-End Developer


11. Debug with Xdebug PHP debugger and profiler tool.

Jesse, Front-End Developer


12. Use mt_rand over rand for random numbers, and be aware of a rand generator for a server that caches the output as HTML again.

Ryan, Full-Stack Developer & Elisha, Front-End Developer



Elisha Terada

Front-End Development Lead

Elisha Terada is the "ninja" who solves tough missions with his tech, design, and business skills. In his relaxation time, Elisha enjoys shooting portraits with his camera and playing music with his guitar and bass.

Unless otherwise specified, source code in this post is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0).

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