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We produce AI innovation in real-world applications so that you can manage autonomous systems confidently and efficiently.

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Building the future of autonomous systems

Project Bonsai enables us to solve new challenges in the robotics field by replacing complex control systems with more robust and scalable machine learning solutions.

Using the Project Bonsai platform, we create design-focused solutions to help our customers target and tackle unique challenges, so humans and machines can work together productively and safely.

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Empowering customers with autonomous systems

Project Bonsai uses machine learning to develop powerful solutions for industries including manufacturing and construction. During the Early Access stage of the tool, Fresh partnered with Microsoft’s autonomous systems team to pilot applications with Fortune 500 customers, leveraging our expertise in hardware control systems to create custom solutions and improve usability.

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Democratizing artificial intelligence

With Project Bonsai, we help experts in their fields deploy the power of machine learning to real-world applications—without the need for in-depth data science expertise.



Fresh provides strategy and implementation, including simulator development or refinement, platform and process onboarding, database or hardware integration, and experiment planning that drives towards robust, usable applications.