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What Passport Says

We were overwhelmed with the collaboration, dedication, and insightful consultation we received from Fresh throughout the project. [The team's] behind-the-scenes consult...really helped refine and improve the overall quality of our final publication.

Grant Arnold, Director of Technology at Passport

What TruckTrax Says

Fresh provides extremely high quality resources, but it is their leadership, collaboration, and culture that ensures success! They are part of our team, and always looking out for our best interests. It is a pleasure working with them.

Annette Tyson, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Internal Controls at TruckTrax

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Strategies for Onboarding and Engagement

Strategies for Onboarding and Engagement

Users often decide whether to keep or delete an app within seconds. The key to an app's long lifespan is defining strategies for activating, engaging, and supporting your users along the way. From chatbots to video, these strategic methods are designed to increase the stickiness your app needs for long-term success.
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Mobile App Design & Dev Process

With eight years of experience working on hundreds of projects, we've honed our processes to a specific goal: getting results. We care about understanding you and your customers, in service of creating experiences that deliver.

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