Integrate Design, Technology, and Business Thinking

July 5, 2013

A Full-Service Approach

A recent study by Optify found that many marketing agencies plan to integrate new services in the coming months. The three most requested services are Social Media, Website Services, and SEO, and managers want to find these services under one roof. In fact, 72% of respondents say “clients prefer a full-service approach to silos.”

In other words, clients are looking for solutions that require a deep understanding of a wide array of specialties.

Why Integrate?

A full-service approach can be worth more than the sum of its parts. Marketing, brand identity, design, and technology are all essential to build and maintain a digital presence. But the impact increases when each element is executed under a unified strategic focus.

Paul Roetzer described multi-discipline agencies:

Hybrid agencies will come to rule the marketing world. These emerging leaders are tech savvy, offer integrated services, hire and retain versatile talent, and profit from diversified revenue streams. They thrive on change, and continually apply shifts and advances in technology to strengthen their businesses, evolve their services, and deliver greater value to clients.

Collaboration and Innovation

Collaboration from diverse viewpoints is central to a culture of innovation.  A Fresh Consulting blog post from September 2008 outlines five reasons why collaboration leads to innovation:

  1. Collaboration increases the chances of ASSOCIATIONS between ideas that result in an innovative combination.
  2. Collaborative feedback SPEEDS up the necessary iterations
  3. Collaboration results in more CONNECTIONS to people that can help push a good idea forward
  4. Teams provide ENERGY and help overcome the expected resistance
  5. Collaboration helps ideas reach IMPLEMENTATION

Some of the best results come as an amalgamation of different viewpoints. And collaborating before execution amplifies the effect. Starting each project with a focus on high-level strategy invites relevant ideas that might be missed otherwise.  A creative brief outline can shape the discussion, so important questions are considered.

Successful digital strategy and execution is developed through a multifaceted lens.

Integrate Technology Design and Business Services

Richard is a Digital Consultant, UX specialist, Certified Public Accountant, Matchwits Champion, life-long logolept, and capsaicin enthusiast.

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