James Lorentson

James is a Sr. UX Designer skilled in design thinking, interaction design, and user interface design across websites, apps, and brands. His deep focus in UX research includes specialization in user testing, heuristic evaluation, and prototyping. James’ diverse background in UX design, photography, and finance allows him to assess, interpret, and create better experiences while solving difficult problems. He is a US Navy veteran, holds a BS in Sociology from Penn State and is a Designlab UX Academy graduate.

CrossFit, hiking, and landscape photography are three of James’ favorite hobbies. He describes himself as an ideas person passionate about continuous improvement.

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Design, Expertise, UX/UI Design

Autocomplete suggestions: varieties, benefits & UX best practices

For just about everything besides scenic drives, people prefer shortcuts. And if a shortcut not only gets you there quicker but also takes you to a better destination, now that’s something! This is what autocomplete does. By giving users the option of completing words and forms based on what they’ve typed before, it shortcuts their
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Design Is Not the Solution—it is the Process

At Fresh, we think a lot about creating great products and client relationships.  We’ve found our success is highly correlated to working from defined and proven processes.  Defining and communicating our process is critical to aligning our team and our clients on expectations, strategy, roles, and values.  And we’re not the only ones—our process graphics
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