Chris Allen

Chris has eight years of experience in front-end development with various CMS and eCommerce platforms and deep specialization in WordPress.

His background in web design and interactive media from the Art Institute of Portland enables him to collaborate more effectively with design teams. Chris uses his expertise with various programming languages and web standards to create user-friendly web experiences and lead project teams.​

He’s a father of two and plays on both Fresh’s basketball and softball teams.

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Eastside WordPress Developers Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the first Eastside WordPress Developers Meetup! It was a great success with informative talks given by Steve Hulet, Fresh Co-Founder and CTO, and Andrew Villeneuve, WordPress security consultant and organizer of the Seattle WordPress Meetup. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap plus SlideShare links
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Join Us at Our New Eastside WordPress Developers Meetup + Call for Speakers!

We are happy to announce that we are launching a new Eastside WordPress Developers Meetup at our Bellevue headquarters. We’re starting the series with two events in June, and then plan to host monthly developer-specific WordPress Meetup on the last Monday of every month. Even if you can’t attend the June Meetups, join our group to hear
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WordPress Plugin Highlight: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Our clients often come to us in need of a custom hero (a section of a website, traditionally placed at the top of the page, that contains key content) with the flexibility to easily switch out content. Now, you are probably thinking, can’t the WordPress WYSIWYG editor do that? Or, better yet, what about a
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Improve the Performance of Your WordPress Site

As we continue our series of Better Website Performance we are going to put our focus on WordPress speed optimization. Optimizing your WordPress site adds value by providing you with a better SEO ranking as well as a superior experience for your users. Delivering content in a quick and timely manner could be the difference
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Why do we use Sage WordPress Starter theme?

There are numerous choices when deciding which WordPress theme framework to use. A theme framework is the foundation of your site; selecting one is a crucial decision. This decision can directly affect the projects you take on, in both positive and negative ways. A poor/uneducated theme choice can slow down your workflow, bloat your site
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