Adam Jentzsch

Adam is a Full-Stack Developer experienced in building content management solutions, mobile applications, POS systems, and reporting engines. During his career, he has accumulated deep expertise developing in .NET, C#, and Angular.

Prior to Fresh, Adam worked as both a freelance mobile app developer and as a full-stack developer at a multi-level marketing company. As a full-stack developer, he provided content management software solutions for large clients, as well as wrote their reporting engine.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys playing video games such as Super Smash Bros and Mortal Kombat. He also likes discussing the merits of various programming languages and is currently researching Rust.

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Autonomous Mobile Robots, Design, Expertise, Hardware, Robotic Software Development, Robotic Systems Integration, Software, UX/UI Design

Toy Story: Using Small Toys to Demonstrate Big Concepts

Our Clients had a problem: “How can we showcase our turnkey solution for autonomous Solar Site installations, some spanning over 120,000 square feet of land, in the relatively small space of a convention hall room?” Our response was simple: “Miniaturize the solution.” As consultants, it’s our job to provide simple solutions to hard problems, but
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