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Fresh Team at WordCamp Seattle 2014

June 30, 2014

Benjamin Sjåvik

By Benjamin Sjåvik

The Fresh Team had a great time at Wordcamp Seattle this year! We were pretty obvious in our green regalia, and got lots of attention from people wondering what our logo meant.

Alex and Elisha each spoke, giving great talks on treating your site like a business opportunity and building your site to be bug free.

If you were wondering about our logo but didn’t get a chance to ask us, Fresh is all about integrating the creative left brain with the technical right brain. Most people here mix the two to some degree, whether it’s lone-wolfing a site from design to implementation, or just working closely with the fellow on the other side of the room. The results are beautiful, unique sites that are as easy to work on for future developers as they are to use by our clients.

Our personal reflections on WordCamp




Photos of Fresh team

Ben was lucky enough to meet @mor10 after the panel he hosted.


@elishaterada says: Don’t forget usability for the other users (your client) when you build a WP site


Each developer, designer, or other site builder has their own opinion of what WP is.


Elisha kept the crowd scribbling notes as he dropped some valuable WP tips and tricks.


“Do you want to waste six months developing a failure? No? I don’t want you to either.”

Slides of other amazing speakers

Benjamin Sjåvik

Benjamin Sjåvik

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