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December 12, 2019

Today, Fresh Consulting is announcing the Fresh Quality Core project.

Fresh Quality Core assists developers with automated testing of classes that use Dependency Injection.

It sets up a service provider environment with commonly used classes, and facilitates the instantiation of classes using Dependency Injection in a MS Test environment.  The library provides flexibility in terms of what services will be provided, as well as a mechanism for overriding the dependency injection for individual test cases.

A proof of concept for Fresh Quality Core was used to provide complete code coverage (level 3 coverage as described in Unit/Automated Testing) of controllers that inherited from the ApiController class in a Web Service that was written in .NET Core 2.1.  Based on the experiences with the proof of concept, a new version was written from scratch to allow for injection for any class so long as the services were properly defined.

We recommend using automated testing in your projects, as not only will it improve the overall reliability, it will ease the process of improving the code base.  Long term, this will yield faster improvements for less effort.

The Fresh Quality Core Project can be downloaded here.

Download our free white paper: Your Guide to Development Testing to learn which tests will be the most efficient for your next project.

Fresh Consulting's White Paper, Your Guide to Development Testing

Sean McKay

Sr. Software Engineer



Your Guide to Development Testing


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