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August 16, 2011

Trevor Essmeier

By Trevor Essmeier

Let’s face it,  the human attention span is not what it used to be.  This is why having an online video is a vital tool for promoting your business online.  Studies show that the presence of a web video increases web traffic by 100%, website clicks by 30% and increases the number of calls generated by 18%.  This is because good story telling is effective marketing and video is the most efficient yet expressive medium for the job.  At Fresh Consulting, we utilize original art, animation, writing and voice acting to make your company’s story come to life.

Here is a quick showcase of our 5 different video styles for Fresh Productions:

1. Digital Animation

2. Typography

3. Educational

4. Telling Your Story

5. Sketched Animation

With our wide range of video styles, customers really get to choose how they want to creatively express their business.  For most animation based videos, the turn around time is between 6 to 8 weeks for a 1 to 2 minute video.  Each video we do follows these six steps:

1. Concept – Talk with the client to determine the appropriate concept and marketing strategy for the video.

2. Script – Turning abstract ideas into concrete ones, we write out the script, turn to the client for suggested revisions.

3. Storyboard – We plot out how to visually personify the script through animation, including style, color, and smooth professional transitions.

4. Voice acting – Give your company a voice!  We audition countless voice actors until you find the voice that best represents you.

5. Animation/shooting – After all that planning, this is when we roll up our sleeves and begin the magic of video production.

6. Editing – We edit the footage together with the audio and are ready to post your marketing video online!

Let us know how we can help tell your story.  Call us today at Fresh Consulting 1.877.563.7374 or email us

Trevor Essmeier

Trevor Essmeier

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