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March 8, 2018

Developed by Google, Angular has become one of the top frameworks for building front-end web applications. It is also used for mobile and even desktop and has gained a lot of popularity from which communities of JavaScript developers have emerged.

One of these groups is Angular Seattle, who aims to create four or more meetups a year where developers can share information about the projects, tooling, and features related to Angular.

Chris Griffing at Angular Seattle Meetup

This past month, Fresh Consulting hosted one of these meetups with Fresh Full-Stack Developer Chris Griffing as organizer and three Fresh devs as speakers. We covered really useful topics like reactive forms, drag and drop, internationalization, and experimental tools like Angular Elements.

Angular TopicsM Kusold Angular Meetup

1) Announcing Clarity by Shijir Tsogoo
2) Experimenting with Angular Elements by Michelle Kusold
3) Reactive Forms in Angular by Donnie Ellstrom
4) Drag and Drop in Angular by Xavier Reyes
5) Angular i18n Basics by Chris Griffing

Xavier Reyes Angular MeetupThe event had an attendance of about 30 guests and was streamed live through and The recording is also online so you can check it out whenever you want to learn more about Angular.

Donnie Ellstrom Angular Seattle Meetup

We had a great time sharing resources with the community and talking about the technologies we love the most while enjoying some good ol’ pizza and coke. If you missed this time, don’t miss Angular Seattle’s next Meetup!

Angular Seattle

Xavier Reyes

Full-Stack Developer

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