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Fresh Experiences: We’re Getting the Health Benefits of Hiking as a Team

May 13, 2016

A few weeks ago, 18 of us kicked off hiking season on a sunny afternoon by trekking up Issaquah’s Poo Poo Point.

Hiking’s popularity might dip every December, but it always makes a summer comeback. Research shows that hiking is connected with improving mental health and advancing creativity, adding it to the many reasons why we should spend time outdoors.

The outdoors are part of our culture, and 2016 is the year we’re shaping a new wellness program. From cooking classes and in-office workouts to our first-of-many-planned team hikes, we’re gearing up for a healthy rest of the year. We are an office that likes getting out in Pacific Northwest air and reaping the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

Kurt Daniels

Sr. Digital Producer

A skier and rock climber, Kurt likes to take both his sports and videographer skills outdoors. He's also a self-described Coat Connoisseur and gear Junkie.

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