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January 7, 2019

Last year, we had our first Twelve Days of Freshmas. It was such a hit, we decided to do it again! The Twelve Days of Freshmas 2018: over a week of surprises given to the whole team, including tools designed to boost happiness and productivity at work throughout the year!


On the First Day of Freshmas, We Start by Helping Those in Need, Their Holiday Will Be a Happy One with Our Help – Guaranteed!

The Fresh team continued last year’s tradition of gathering donations for local nonprofit Mary’s Place.

On the Second Day of Freshmas
My Company Gave to Me a Useful Desk Upgrade. Choose from These Accessories, How Will You Decide? It’ll Be Your Desk but Cooler – Modified!

Team members chose from useful tools like HappyLights and monitor screen arms to customize their workstation.

On the Third Day of Freshmas,
We Gathered Together:
A Few Hours’ Time Makes a World of Difference, Sorting Through Donations—
Don’t Doubt the Significance!

Fresh Consulting volunteering at LIfeline

We met at Seattle’s Food Lifeline to sort and pack donations.

On The Fourth Day of Freshmas
My Company Did Reveal
The Addition of a Fresh Library –
In the Office? What a Deal!

Our shelves will continue to be stocked with books on topics like design, engineering, and strategy.

On The Fifth Day of Freshmas My Company Did Decide to Add Some Privacy in the Office,
Though We Don’t Have Anything to Hide!

Lightly frosted desk privacy panels help create space for team members working in busy areas.

On The Sixth Day of Freshmas
My Company Did Bestow
More Upgrades to the Office Gym—
The One Two Floors Below!

Office gym upgrades include a ductless clothes dryer, washing machine, and new free weights.

The Seventh Day of Freshmas
My Company Did Proclaim
The Addition of Conference Room Management—
To Make Scheduling Less of a Pain!

The Joan Meeting Room Booking System syncs with our Google calendars and lets us also schedule meetings right from outside a conference room.

On The Eighth Day of Freshmas
My Company Checked the List Twice
Each Team Was SO Good—No Naughty, All Nice!

Teams were given tools to help make their jobs easier—and more fun—including Rocketbook reusable notebooks for every developer, a digital drawing monitor for the design team, and a mobile media stand (above) to keep up with busy project managers.

On The Ninth Day of Freshmas
My Company Gave to Me
A Pair of Movie Tickets
To Watch a Holiday Must-See!

On The Tenth Day of Freshmas
My Company Delivered
a New Way to Stay Warm:
With New Fresh Hats & Beanies,
Your Winter Style Will Transform!

Four brand-new hats designed by Fresh designers and voted on by the team.

On The Eleventh Day of Freshmas
My Company Did Declare
Fresh Should Have a Google JamBoard
for Collaboration Anywhere!


Mark Nader doodling on Jamboard

For all of our teams to use, a Google JamBoard that takes ideation and collaboration to a new level.

On The Final Day of Freshmas
My Company Gave to Me
A 401k Increase:
Double The Employer Match—Yippe!
Now 10% of Employee Contributions
On (up to) 10% Savings-Rate
More Money Toward Our Futures, Isn’t that Great?!

Casey Culp

Culture & Events Coordinator

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