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Did Mobile Need a “-geddon”?

April 21, 2015

Tracy Fontaine

By Tracy Fontaine

There was a lot of buzz about Google’s latest SEO algorithm update. But has this release been the #mobilegeddon so many expected?

So far…not really.

In the announcement that sparked this craze, Google promised “a significant impact in our search results” starting today, April 21.  Not only would mobile-friendly sites influence search results, information from indexed apps would also be favored prominently.  In other words, if Google now determines that your website isn’t “mobile-friendly”, your page will drop in search results overnight.


Mobile-friendly blue Make sure your site is identified as “mobile-friendly”


Sounds scary, right?  Last year, mobile search surpassed desktop search.  Google search specifically dominates both desktop and mobile search, with 67% and 83% market share respectively.  When Google makes changes, people pay attention.  But context is always key.

There’s a long list of ranking factors beyond responsive design that you should consider when optimizing content for Google search.  Even if mobile-friendliness is added or promoted, it’s still one of many elements influencing your site’s search performance.  A holistic approach to SEO continues to be best practice for web developers.

If you believed the hype, even Fortune 500 companies could see their rankings fall from 1 or 2 in the search rankings to 9 or 10. What we’ve learned from today’s Google FAQ is that this is a page-level change.  So, if you haven’t yet managed to optimize your full site, your optimized pages are still in good shape. Plus, the FAQ details how to get re-ranked once your full site is updated.

Didn’t notice an instant drop?  Remember, this update only affects searches from mobile devices.  So, don’t use desktop or tablet searches as your guide.  Also, it will take a week or so to rank all pages in the index.  Check back on April 28th to really see where you stand.  Google has a number of tools, including the Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile Usability Report, to help you and/or your web developer out.


Google Mobile-Friendly Test Use Google’s tool to test your page.


At the end of the day, this is an important update reflective of current search behavior.  Alas, hardly worthy of a “-geddon”.

Resources for Mobile Web Optimization

If you want help optimizing your site, Fresh Consulting has worked with dozens of businesses to develop mobile strategies that protect SEO on any device.  To learn more, check out the website performance section of our blog or our resources page for 5 Tips to Optimize Your Mobile PageSpeed.  Or, contact us today to speak with a mobile web developer.

Tracy Fontaine

Tracy Fontaine


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