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Defeat B.O.C.O. – Your Product Depends on It

September 20, 2018

To illustrate the value of a holistic UX design process, we created an immersive website. Enter the journey to defeat B.O.C.O. – “The Beast of Conflicting Opinions.”



As you scroll through, you’ll learn more about our recommendation of giving equal weight to both the louder and quieter voices in a room. Different stakeholders have unique ideas about the best way forward, and ideation leads to innovation.

But creative gridlock is more common than you might think. The UX design process itself is a way to resolve disagreements. It allows for “productive friction,” leading to the creation of value, rather than putting the brakes on innovation.




B.O.C.O., also known as the Beast of Conflicting Opinions, takes many forms. The first world of – with three worlds to follow, including Design on October 15th, Testing on November 15th, and Delivery on December 1st – concerns resolving conflicting opinions with UX research.

Journeying through the first world, you’ll find helpful insights about:

  • The key role a UX researcher plays
  • The value of productive friction in finding clarity and reaching consensus
  • The advantage you’ll have by understanding your user’s hopes, aspirations, and goals, which will allow you to design a product that solves their problem authentically



With Defeat B.O.C.O., we’re excited to share an outside-the-box illustration of the UX process. We have a deep, holistic UX process (pictured below), but we hope you enjoy our immersive journey showcasing it, created with the latest web technologies and in the spirit of continuing to push the boundaries of innovation.


Ben Spencer

Digital Content Strategist

Professional UX Researcher & Writer. Amateur Crossfitter, video gamer, and Planeswalker. I make sense of the world through storytelling and by observing the infinite wisdom of my two beloved Boxer dogs.

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