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Over the course of 2018, Fresh’s designers and developers created an interactive digital journey to educate companies and teams on the UX Design Process. In the research, design, and test worlds, users undertook an adventure to beat B.O.C.O., or “The Beast of Conflicting Opinions.” The beginning of 2019 sees B.O.C.O. defeated at last. Now, you … Continued

The interactive digital journey to understand the UX Design Process and vanquish B.O.C.O. – “The Beast of Conflicting Opinions” – continues. Today, we unveil Test World. The first world of the Defeat B.O.C.O. initiative explored the value of qualitative and quantitative research. The second expanded upon it, providing suggestions for using research to make visual … Continued

Knowing the basics of engineering terminology, knowing some of the people who carry out the craft is important. If you’re part of an engineering project, you’ll have conversations with engineers from diverse backgrounds and knowledge sets. At any time, any of the following specialists could have valuable input into your project. Electrical Engineer (EE): Professionals … Continued

Hardware engineering brings together concepts from electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering to create powerful engineering solutions. Whereas the first post in this series covered general engineering workflow concepts, this post provides a deeper look into common terminology associated with different engineering disciplines. Electrical Engineering Voltage vs. Current vs. Power: In relation to electricity, voltage is … Continued

Hardware engineering is a complex process that requires the production of a precise and reliable finished product. Thus, an understanding of key concepts is essential. There are various metrics and process controls used to verify the outcome of any hardware engineering project. For a brief introduction into the subject, here are some of the most … Continued