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Accelerate UX Design – Be Concise

December 11, 2012

Understanding how users think is an essential part of UX design. We ask for input throughout the iterative process, and often one primary question can spawn a host of follow-ups.

Usability experts understand the power of simplicity. A clean design and straightforward interface enhance the usability of any site. The same principles apply in gathering user feedback.

In a recent HBR Blog Network post, Michael Schrage asserts that we can Learn More by Asking Fewer Questions. “There’s a simple yet powerful technique for dramatically improving response. I’ve seen it work magic. Ask less.”

To illustrate, he calls our attention to an ultra-distilled format that collects millions of responses every day: Facebook’s “Like” button. It’s simple. One click, and you’re done. Because so little effort is required, the response rate is exceptional.

Focusing on a few key improvements works well in the UX design process. Ask only the most critical questions, and leave the rest for another day. Narrowing your scope from the beginning accelerates progress toward an excellent user experience.

Before publishing a survey or executing a usability test, scrutinize whether each question will bring you closer to your chief objective. Be concise. You’ll like the results.

Richard is a Digital Consultant, UX specialist, Certified Public Accountant, Matchwits Champion, life-long logolept, and capsaicin enthusiast.

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