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May 19, 2016

Tracy Fontaine

By Tracy Fontaine

In the wee hours of February 15th, our office hummed with activity: last-minute design tweaks, another edit, one more proofread, furious coding. The President’s Day holiday was traded for unlimited coffee and extra time off later so that we could stick to our deadline. All hands on deck – hours of hard work – willing sacrifice.

This is so often how launching a new site works. They say that doctors make the worst patients. The same concept is true for designers and developers. We’re always so busy designing and building client sites that we don’t take care of our own. Alas, on this night, without great fanfare, another site successfully launched! This time, it was ours.

The Case for Sophisticated Simplicity

Before Fresh was Fresh, it was Occam’s Razor, a working title that violated its own principle: the simplest solution is the best solution. Three offices and fifty new employees later, Fresh has evolved to value not just simplicity, but sophisticated simplicity. Our art is producing site designs that are engaging and easily consumed. Though, much like a stunning glacier, 90% of a site’s layered complexity is never seen. A great depth and breadth of data and construction was planned for our new site, to form an intricate scaffolding while still having a clean interface.

The same idea is true for our company. A broad team of UX Designers, Writers, Video Producers, Branding Specialists, Full-Stack Developers, and Front-End Developers bring a great depth and breadth of talent to delivering simple, yet sophisticated experiences. Fresh brings teams, not individuals, to every project. It’s our collective capacity that sets us apart. Our goal in our latest site design was conveying that advantage. Our approach? Simplicity and clarity above all.

Building a Site Based on Our Beliefs

We believe in great UX. Our clients’ needs are as diverse as our skills. What might be applicable to one is not pertinent to another. The information needed to be available, but not all at once. So, we went deep, creating content to back up our team, portfolio, technologies and resources pages. Then, we went broad, incorporating an interlinking strategy to make it easy to access relevant information when and where you need it. Once you dive in, you can find contextually relevant information with ease. There’s no need to back out to dive in again.

We believe in the future of motion
. Not only is it an engaging visual medium, but it’s also an appropriate metaphor for streamlined navigation. Roadblocks cause detours. We want users to move unimpeded through our site, finding just what they’re looking for, and sticking around long enough to encounter a few welcome surprises too. We incorporated video as well as motion on our home page, mega menu, portfolio, and services pages.

We believe in interactivity. For our users, we have interactive forms and clocks that make it easy to request information and find the closest Fresh team member in your area. For our team, customizable bio pages allow them to edit their page to show personal image collages, video, project portfolio work, and thought leadership.

Results Worth Celebrating

Rarely are red carpets and websites rolled out together, especially for those behind the scenes. We’re content to be the quiet force behind our clients’ online success. But it’s time to toot our own horn! When comparing the ten days after launch with the ten days prior, we found:

  •      52% increase in page views
  •      118% increase in average session duration
  •      20% decrease in bounce rate

This activity lead to a staggering 625% increase in resource downloads! And a 77% increase in leads. It’s the science coupled with the aesthetics that make for validating great UX. Now that’s pretty Fresh!

Visit http://www.freshconsulting.com/ to explore our new site. For more information on how we can help you refresh your online presence, drive more traffic to your site, and increase conversions, Contact Us!

Tracy Fontaine

Tracy Fontaine


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