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7 key sources and 7 key ingredients CENTRIC to Innovation

June 3, 2008

7 key sources and 7 key ingredients CENTRIC TO Innovation

  • C: Creatives and Creativity: You may be born creative…many are. Or you may learn creativity…many do. Either way, the art of “new” starts with you.
  • E: Entrepreneurs and Enthusiasm: Entrepreneurs have long been known for Innovation. An entrepreneur’s secret ingredient–an undying enthusiasm that gives them the energy to go through the ups and downs when relying on W-Me vs W-2.
  • N: Networkers and The Net: Tapping your networks is often what helps make things happen. There is no better place than the Net to connect easily, especially with the rise of web 2.0. Naturally, the network happy net gen is expected to be the “creative class”.
  • T: Teams and Talent: It’s important to have talent, a key ingredient to the confidence needed to let the creative juices flow, but a talented team has the power to do innovation to the X power. Sparks occur in discussion with talent but flames occur within teams of talent.
  • R: R&D and Risk: To create something new, you have to know that its “new” and you have to have the resources to create “new”. Ever heard of “research and development”? They are the historic company function often in charge of innovation. Research helps you avoid re-inventing the wheel and differentiate from competitors. (Comprehensive searches can be done pretty quick these days). But research can only take you so far until you need to take some risk to share and create your ideas (development). Many can do research, months and years of it, but few get to the risky part.
  • I: Idea Makers and Initiation: Innovation starts with ideas. Ideas are often companies most closely guarded secrets. But ideas must be initiated. Innovation can be as simple as taking a few baby steps most don’t take.
  • C: Customers and Collaboration: Innovation is found to be very closely tied to collaboration, especially open collaboration. Your half idea is built upon other’s half ideas. Especially with customers. Customers help determine perception of value and there is no such thing as Innovation unless “new” is accompanied with “value”

We believe these inputs are CENTRIC to Innovation and result in fresh value.


What do you think the the key ingredients and sources of innovation are? What are we missing? Do you agree with our key sources and ingredients?

Founder and CEO of Fresh Consulting, student of all things creative, innovative, and fresh, professional snowboard instructor trainer, father.

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