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The 12 Days Of Freshmas: A Peek Into The Office Around The Holidays

December 22, 2017

This year the Fresh Leadership Team wanted to share their gratitude & celebrate the holidays for a lot longer than just one or two days. So we had The Twelve Days of Freshmas: over a week of surprises given to the whole team, including tools designed to boost health and happiness at work and home throughout the year.


On The First Day Of Freshmas My Company Gave To Me New Scooters To Ride With Jolly & Glee

“Scooter races around the office! Kidding. I just hope not to see any crashes. Scooter carefully, everyone!”



On The Second Day Of Freshmas My Company Did Bestow Balance Boards That Wobble To And Fro


“Twistasctically tested and verified!!!!”



On The Third Day Of Freshmas My Company Gave To Me A Tracking Tile For The Things I Can Lose Easily

“I found it. Thanks!”




On The Fourth Day Of Freshmas My Company Gave To Me Something That Will Make The Future A Reality!

You heard it here: it’s not a dream. A Fresh robot to connect with our entire team! “C-3PO” takes collaboration with remote team members and global clients to a new level.



On The Fifth Day of Freshmas My Company Unveiled A Treasure: A Countertop Ice Maker For Our Ice-Crunching Pleasure 




On The Sixth Day of Freshmas My Company Gave to Me A List of Techie Items for Personal Productivity

Image via Google

Tools that make your life easier, especially IoT, make every part of your day easier. Each team member selected personal productivity tools like a Google Home Mini, Rocketbook reusable notebook, TP-Link Wi-Fi extender, or blue-light blocking anti-eye fatigue glasses. 



On The Seventh Day Of Freshmas My Company Gave To Me Tickets To The Last Jedi – A Company Outing In 3D

The past few years Fresh has had a yearly tradition where the whole team goes to see the new Star Wars film in theaters.



On The Eighth Day Of Freshmas My Company Gave To Me A Pair Of Regal Movie Tickets – To Watch Another Holiday Must-See!

Movies add a lot to our lives, and it’s no different here at Fresh. We enjoy talking about the latest movies we’ve seen while getting our morning coffee… We have debates about the best superheroes. And a couple of us planned to use them to see Star Wars x 2.



On The Ninth Day Of Freshmas My Company Gave To Me An Opportunity For Community And Helping Those In Need (It’s A Day Of Giving Indeed)

The people who make up Fresh love giving – even more than scooters. This holiday season we did a donation drive and a giving tree benefitting the women, children, and families at local non-profit Mary’s Place. A representative from Mary’s Place joined us for a potluck lunch to share more about the children and families who are receiving our much-needed donations.

“Best gift yet!”



On The Tenth Day Of Freshmas My Company Did Decide To Add Plant Life To The Office – To Freshen It Up Inside

We’re planning for seven new plant friends and a plant wall from Ambius to create cleaner air and a brighter space.




On The Eleventh Day Of Freshmas My Company Did Agree That One Phone Booth Is Simply Not Enough For A Team Of Over 50

The Fresh team likes knowing they can duck into our soundproof phone booth for a private call. It’s not only a staple in the office, but also a doorway into another dimension, which we found out this summer.



On The Twelfth Day Of Freshmas My Company Did Decide To Help Us With Our Fitness Goals – Companywide!

As part of our health and wellness initiative, each team member will be choosing something to motivate their healthy New Year’s resolutions, from registration in a local race to a Fitbit Alta or Ozmo Smart Water Bottle or Lumo Lift.



The whole Fresh team wishes everyone Happy Holidays, and we hope you’ll enjoy the New Year with new technology & new ways to have fun at home and at work!

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