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11 of Our Favorite JavaScript Developer Tools

May 12, 2016

Anna McCallon

By Anna McCallon

From JavaScript debugging tools to our favorite JS libraries, here are some of the resources that enable us to write better, cleaner code. Eight of Fresh’s devs weigh in on their choices for JavaScript developer tools.

1. ESLint helps everyone to write clean JavaScript code!

Steve, CTO
ESLint source code from Github


2. Client/Server data synchronization library for Node.js I created that handles all communication between server and client, suitable for real-time applications and games.

Sirius, Front-End Developer

JavaScript data synchronization library on github by Sirius Strebe

3. postcss/autoprefixer for parsing CSS and adding vendor prefixes to rules.

Chris G, Full-Stack Developer

autoprefixer for parsing CSS


4. JSFiddle is like a scratch pad for easily testing your JavaScript ideas or theories.

Ryan, Full-Stack Developer


5. Plunker–great for prototyping testing ideas.

John, .NET Developer

Plunk for prototyping

6. Chrome’s dev tools for easily debugging JavaScript errors and identifying performance bottlenecks. 

Steve, CTO; and Elisha, Front-End Developer

Chrome dev tools

7. co uses generators to treat promises as synchronous actions in Node.js.

Chris G, Full-Stack Developer

tj co JS tool


8. jsperf for comparing processing performances between different coding approaches.

Elisha, Front-End Developer

JS Perf one time set up


9. Babel, a compiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

Chris G, Front-End Developer

Babel JavasScript compiler


10. Codewars challenges you to up your skills for writing better JS.

Jesse, Front-End Developer



11. Codepen to test out HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code with a beautiful interface, and its recently added feature lets you debug without needing an additional window open.

Ray, Full-Stack Developer

Codepen for testing out code

Anna McCallon

Anna McCallon

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Anna's tech tastes lean towards CRMs, Google products, and Android. She's also a big fan of DIY, books, and watching full seasons on Netflix.

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