Seattle Tech Meetup – Fun People, Good Connections, and New Tech

On February 19th Seattle Tech Meetup will be launching to join a fun successful tradition that has been enjoyed for years in cities like New York, San Francisco and Boulder.  People of all ilks curious about new tech will come together for food, drink, fun and learning about new technologies being developed by Seattle companies.

Five companies ranging from early stage startups to Fortune 100 corporations display their new technologies in five minute presentations followed by five minutes of community interaction.  Attendees can ask questions and companies can get direct feedback from an audience full of smart geeks excited to see the companies do well.

Innovation will be on display at Seattle Tech Meetup on the third Tuesday of every month at HUB Seattle. Come to connect with Seattleites who are passionate about startups, building community, co-working spaces, accelerators, non-profits, and what’s next in technology.

We’re excited to be a community partner of Seattle Tech Meetup along with GeekWire, StartupSeattle, Washington Technology Industry Association, Northwest Entrepreneur Network, Founder Institute, Startup Weekend, and Seattle Angel Conference.  Come join the fun and connect with us!

About the Author
Brett Greene is the director of business development and social marketing for Fresh Consulting. The digital marketing strategies and campaigns Brett has created have helped to build digital brands including the 2010 Census Project for the City of Los Angeles, Mr. Coffee, Crock-Pot Slow Cooker, and Mrs. Fields. Brett mentors Techstars startup companies including BlipSnips, SpotInfluence, GoSpotCheck & FanMix and blogs at Huffington Post and Social Media Today. He has spoken nationally for organizations including BlogWorld, Pod Camp, Davinci Institute, Pivot Guild , Colorado University's School of Journalism and Denver University's Daniels College of Business MBA Program. You can also connect with Brett and his 65,000+ followers on Twitter at @BrettGreene


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